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By October 22, 2019Marketing
Boon Gives Marketing for Charities

A year ago AgentQ took on a new client BOON Gives Ltd who’s aim is to create a one stop for online charity stores. They saw a problem where charities had quality (not second hand) new products but could not complete with the high-street stores who had bigger bucks to spend on online marketing.

The idea was to create a website to drive customers to the charity online stores. A new type of customers who would not normally visit the charity’s website in the first place. During research it became apparent that people think more about where their money goes. We came across a selection of categories:

  • Customers who did not want to spend money with companies that did not pay UK taxes.
  • A reach for products that are sustainable
  • A search for companies that were ethical
  • A website that gave more than just a percentage of the sales to the charities.


The idea was greeted with huge success from many UK charities. The site is now live and thriving. The challenges have been keeping up to date with product listings and signing up new charities. Also finding ways to monetise the website without compromising the charities funding. This was remedied by adding affiliated links via some of the charities and various associated companies.

Marketing for Charities with low impact on their funding

AgentQ has opened up a new channel for UK charities in giving them further reach to potential customers getting away from the donation side of marketing. This style of marketing also brings products that have been designed by charities to the forefront of online searches through organic growth and controlled PPC advertising. BOON Gives give the online consumer an opportunity to search for desirable products on one site for multiple online charity stores.

Making a difference with a big impact

The success has been phenomenal with a 40-60% increase in unique site visits each month. At least one new charity is added per month giving a new selection and genre of products to keep existing customers engaged. Charities now have a new way to thrive in a heady array of online stores via BOON Gives, this will be the catalyst of shopping with heart.


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