How do you compete in
marketing your business online?


I have had the fortunate opportunity to experience an amazing marketing agency this week.
This outstanding organisation has a team available for every element of a digital marketing campaign offering analytics, content, planning and all other divisional aspect you’d expect. All working in harmony to create an ultimate online strategy that’s executed guaranteeing monetised results. Wowzer, how do you compete with that without the big bucks budget?

Luckily these days there are many tools and advice you can get online. You just need to be savvy on which ones you use and how you use them. Here are a few pointers from AgentQ on how to get ahead without the big spend:

  • Free Tools – There are hundreds of free tools. I’ll be sharing some good ones with you soon.
  • Outsourcing – Outsource your content. Also make sure you have some focus on your content distribution. Don’t let it just sit on your blog page. Work it by using relevant distribution sites.
  • Follow the Gurus – Digital media is such an aspiring industry. There is never a dull day with new invention, technique, success story. Keep up-to-date with the best. It’s all awe-inspiring.
  • Plan Ahead – Don’t just like/share anything that is of interest. Reactive marketing has no relation to your company goals. Strategy is the key so work it.
  • Strategy Planning – Sell your products, measure your conversions and follow up keeping an eye on the revenue. Speak to your customers. Engage with their comments. If they have time to look and comment on your site then give them a nod. Show your customer how much they are saving by buying online with you. And lastly make it Sizzle. Stand out from the crowd and keep ahead of the game.

There’s a whole new arena when it comes to digital marketing and I hope these focus points help in your strategy planning for a successful online experience.

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