The Value of Analysing Online Data

Understanding data from online marketing initiatives is a progressively key factor in a successful marketing campaign. The value of this data is a tremendous and yields vital information to all sectors of a marketing group. So how do you fit into this and how can your business manage with the data to hand?

Analytics Leader

Are you the type to really get how metrics work? Do you focus on the metrics that matter, choosing the few that are important but simple to translate? Leaders have an ability to submit precise metric dashboards to key stakeholder that can educate and advise with ease. They know the importance of KPI’s and won’t bore you with jargon that has no place in your own sector space. With Analytics Leaders it is straight to the metrics that mater.

Analytic Student

The Student (lead by the leader) will be more focused on research, testing, new fads, pottering with new ways to analyses the muster of data available to them. Not always easy to condense to get easy results but they can always offer a bigger picture of how analytics work across all platforms.

Analytic Skeptics

You may well fit into the group that needs to be dragged forward to the 21st century data world. With the guided focus of an analytical leader and the data driven minefield of the student. These analytic skeptics can me coached and nurtured to help make informed decisions on their marketing initiatives making more accountable marketers.

This is all-important to anyone embracing on a digital marketing project. The difficulty in people minds is the transition to the digital data era. The array of data, tools, experts, tactics and so on, will only accelerate to the future creating a new generation of marketers.

So following the Analytical Leaders in this arena by mixing agencies with marketing departments or specialist and entrepreneurs. You can only aid knowledge, accelerate growth and produce more leaders making marketing more financially accountable.


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