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Wendy Schrier

Boon Gives Marketing for Charities
October 22, 2019

Marketing for Charities

A year ago AgentQ took on a new client BOON Gives Ltd who's aim is to create a one stop for online charity stores. They saw a problem where charities had quality (not second hand) new products but could not complete with the high-street stores who had bigger bucks to…
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marketing workshops Berkshire
October 31, 2017

Marketing Clinic Available NOW!

AgentQ is running a marketing clinic for all types of businesses that require advice on anything marketing. We run this every 2nd Friday of the month (the next one is on Friday 10th November) at Bill's Cafe in the centre of Reading, Berkshire. The first visit is free and runs…
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Digital Marketing
February 7, 2016

The Value of Analysing Online Data

The Value of Analysing Online Data Understanding data from online marketing initiatives is a progressively key factor in a successful marketing campaign. The value of this data is a tremendous and yields vital information to all sectors of a marketing group. So how do you fit into this and how…
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Digital MarketingMarketing
January 4, 2016

How do you compete in marketing your business online?

How do you compete in marketing your business online?   I have had the fortunate opportunity to experience an amazing marketing agency this week. This outstanding organisation has a team available for every element of a digital marketing campaign offering analytics, content, planning and all other divisional aspect you’d expect.…
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